Detox and regenerate

There are many reports about doing detox programs.  Some are positive and some are not so positive.

I am a big believer in detoxing the body, however we can do this effectively without going overboard!

The benefits of doing a detox program is that once completed you will feel more energized, less foggy, sleep better, eliminate better and you may even lose weight!  Those are some pretty good reasons to do a detox.

First most people today eat a diet of highly processed foods, over abundance of sugar, and too much caffeine and alcohol.  This is the starting point in doing a detox.  Should you decide that you would like to detox it be wise to consult your physician, especially if you have health issues to begin with.

Here are some basic steps to help you.

  1. First get rid of the processed foods, minimize sugar, cut out caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Drink 1/2 lemon in tepid water with cayenne pepper every morning to help create an alkaline body.
  3. Have a protein shake to start your day.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables.  Fruit in the morning preferably and vegetables afternoon and evening.  It would be best to have some of the vegetables cooked slightly as well.
  5. Drink 1/2 of your ideal body weight in water in ounces..  For example...your ideal weight is 160 then you drink 80 ounces a day.  Preferably purified water.
  6. Massage your lymphatic points to aid in the release of toxins.  Use a dry brush before you shower to help get the lymphatic system moving.
  7. Eat one major meal a day that includes a good protein source.  Free range chicken, organic beef, deep water fish like Salmon or Mahi Mahi.
  8. Have small healthy snacks that have no sugar like blanched almonds.
  9. Do not eat past 8 PM.
  10. Follow a moderate exercise program 3-4 times a week.
  11. Breathe!  practice some deep belly breathing to help get the stale air out of the lungs and fill it with new fresh air.  Do this many times over the course of a day.  It will help you to de-stress too.

Some of the side effects of doing a detox is that you may experience headaches.  This is normal especially if you are addicted to sugar or caffeine.  Your body will go through a withdrawal.  Drink plenty of water to help remove the toxins that are being released into the blood stream.  You may go to bathroom more.  Again this is normal.  The body is eliminating toxins.  We should be eliminating 2-3 times a day however many people eliminate 2-3 times a week!  This is a huge problem on you vital organs as they have to work much harder to filter more toxins that should have eliminated a long time ago!

You can search out all kinds of programs to detox your body.  I prefer to keep it pretty simple.  Whole food and proper balanced diet are your best options, however you can kick start a detox with a program I recommend called the Reset.

Its only 5 days and it enables you to start to lose the sugar cravings while incorporating you fruits and vegetables over a period of 5 days.  After this 5 day program then you follow the steps I have listed above.

The best way to detox and in turn lose weight is to find products that will serve you the best way possible.  If you are on the go and shake is the best start to your day then make sure it is a good one.  If you have the time to make a wholesome breakfast then this will be best for you.  Be mindful of the hidden dangers of many of the processed foods.  Eat as clean as you can!

Yours in health,


John - One Hip Guy

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