Earthing/Grounding can make us healthier

The winter season is finally giving way to spring and then summer.  It is a time for rejuvenation, an awakening of sorts that gives new life to our part of the world.

It is also a time to reconnect to the earth.  For those of us that have been living in the cold climates there has not been any real chance to get “grounded” but now that the seasons are changing we can connect with the earth.

Earthing or grounding is as simple as walking barefoot through the grass or on the beach.  It allows our body to reconnect to the conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body.

More and more research is showing the tremendous benefits that grounding plays when it comes to our health.  Most of us have lost the ability to connect to the earth because the type of shoes we wear blocks the flow of the earths energy to our body.  Never mind that we live above the ground or wear footwear that are poor conductors.  It has become difficult to find the time to take our shoes off and reconnect with the earth.

Some might ask…”Is it really important at all or is it just some fluff story?

I believe that earthing/grounding is an important part of our overall health.  Scientific studies have shown that grounding 30 minutes a day provided many health benefits.

Reduces inflammation

Reduces pain

Better sleep

Improves mood

Improves energy

Decreases stress

Improves regulation of blood flow in our body

Prevents calcium and bone density loss

Influences thyroid gland function

Anti-aging effects

And much much more

We have become disconnected and lost our electrical connection to the earth which has shown can cause pain, discomfort and chronic illness.

So why not reconnect?  Weather and time permitting spend 30 minutes a day walking on the grass or beach.  Check it out and see if it helps with your mood, stress and anything else that ails you.  Even concrete is a good conductor of the earths energy so if you can’t find grass or sand then walk on the sidewalk with footwear that is conductive like leather sole shoes or even barefoot.  Asphalt is not a conductor and neither is vinyl and wood.

Here is a study that was done just on stress levels and how grounding helped to normalize cortisol.

When grounded, the diurnal rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, begins to normalize. Cortisol is connected to your body’s stress response and helps control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, helps reduce inflammation, and assists with memory formulation. The figure below shows the results of a study that examined the effects of being grounded while sleeping over the course of eight weeks.

In addition to a normalization of the cortisol rhythm, participants in this study also slept better and woke up feeling more refreshed.

Most people are unable to get the 30 minutes needed to get grounded because their daily life does not allow it to happen.  There are indoor options which can be used while relaxing or sleeping to help get you grounded.  There are chairs, beds, chair mats and more that can be an option for those on the go.  Whatever method you choose your bodies energy field will thank-you for it.

“In all things of Nature there is something of the marvelous.”

– Aristotle

Yours in Health – OneHipGuy

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