Saving my other hip – Part 3

In my last two blogs I have been detailing my journey to repair my good hip.  You can read blog one here and blog two here.

Since I last wrote I have maintained my 18 pound weight loss and feel great!

I have detailed how important eating the food that is right for your body type is, however there is so much more to this program than just food.  There is the food category and along with that there are 5 more categories.  Fitness, Mind, Place, Social and Talents are all key components in helping each of us to live in the healthiest state possible.

Upon doing the health assessment each of us gets a report that identifies our food, what type of fitness program is best suited our particular body type, understanding how our mind works and how we react to stress and many other factors, where the best places are to live such as warm dry places or forested locations, etc., how we naturally interact in social environments and what happens when we are forced to interact out of our normal tendencies, and to understand what our natural talents are and how to use them effectively.  Like I said there is so much to this program than just food!

What I discovered is that I prefer to live in warm, dry places with little to no wind.  Places that are windy can suck the energy out of me.  This is interesting since I live in a climate where the weather gets cold in the winter and we have many windy days.  So what do I do?  Move?  For some people this might be an option.  For me, now that I am aware I can set my home environment up so that my place in home is ideal.  I have a warm room with a fireplace that I spend much of my time in during the cold months.  I also travel to warmer climates in the winter to help keep me energized.  I make sure I am dressed warm when venturing out in the cold.

I learned that not all fitness programs fit all people.  As an activator I need to work out in high intensity spurts.  Weight training, competitive games, high intensity training are more my style.  For someone else it might be that their natural tendency is yoga or more focused aerobic exercise.  The time of day is also something that may be different from one person to the other.  For me my preferred workout time is early morning and to be finished by 10 am.  For others it could mid afternoon or even early evening.

So what about you?  If you read this blog then you or someone you know could benefit from knowing the key factors to helping live a more vibrant healthy life.  Consider this as another tool in your health tool box.  In just 3 short months I have felt and noticed a shift in my health that I did not believe was possible.  I have been an advocate of wellness for over 20 years and live everyday helping others with their health choices.  I am thrilled that I added this in my health tool box!

This is such a personalized program that tailors itself to YOU!  I don’t see how I can even describe the program and give it justice. I know I have tried over these 3 blogs.


Yours in Health,


John – OneHipGuy

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